Dead Smoker’s Mum

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Dear friends of my son,
Take some time out of your QuaranTIME;stop your pace
Losing all the grace and turning so pale,just look at his face.
Its not a cigarette that he holds,its a bloody knife
Please Help him say no to tobacco and yes to life.

You do not realize but smoking leaves an unseen scar
It fills your inside with deadly toxins and hazardous tar.
Better are-”Haters or hustlers,crooks and cheap smugglers
The worst is done by Smoking companies who kill their best customers.

Every stoner believes-”Act of making circles from hookah in adulthood
Is the eldest version of blowing bubbles from water in childhood.”
And when they don’t understand the consequences,it makes my heart ache
When the life is so beautiful,why do they have to put themselves at stake?

Your DEAD friend’s Mom

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