Earth’s email during COVID-19

Dear scavanger like sapiens,

Hi I am the distressed Mother earth, even I used to smile
But recently no one has thought about me even for a while.
I am being murdered by your fellow mates
And the pandemic is preparing your death crates.

I weep, I cry, my heart breaks but I have no voice
Everyone is in quarantine, then why so much noise?
Wuhan the beautiful city gave birth to a deadly virus
But is there still hope in people that says-”it won’t ever find us”?

China then Italy, this virus is spreading over my body like a leech
Is the virus incapable of teaching hygiene,something I always preach.
Remember,you do not inherit me from your ancestor
You have borrowed it from your children, don’t be a molester.

My children ,My trees were uprooted, I was in pain
Today you see,Karma is here and you are in vain,I still do not complain.
Ask yourself,are you the real virus causing all the harm, the so-called destructor?
And corona has come to teach you about a healthy lifestyle,just as an instructor?

COVID-19 is becoming the world’s fastest communicable disease,
Every state is under house arrest,there is no release.
Borders have been closed yet it is spreading in all zones
But people thank the doctors who save them by pelting stones.

There is no pollution,the birds and animals are no more stressed
When we meet again,remember dear human,you are just my guest.
Will I ever be cured,will my people smile again, Will that happen ever
Help me now,And I promise to protect you like a shield,forever.

Yours sincerely
Mother Earth
(in its last stage)
                                                  - Tanya Bhatia

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