The Real Heroes

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The Doctors sacrificing their lives you see, are the real heroes. The Police Officers relentlessly working on roads you see, are the real heroes. The Bankers looking daily on our monetary needs you see, are the real heroes. The Power Engineers keeping a constant check on electricity demand and supply you see, are also the real heroes.

A big THANK YOU and a greater SALUTE to these heroes

At this hour of extreme turmoil, there are many who have been serving compassionately. Men, women regardless of their profession have put forward their helping hands. Some have helped through funds whereas some have helped by feeding the needy. That does not end the list, there is a lot more to it.


Along with doctors, nurses, hospital staff, pharmacists, chemists, researchers, have also been working persistently for the people. For protecting themselves from the deadly virus they are to wear Hazmat suits while treating patients. Certainly wearing a three layer suit, mask and safety glasses all day in not as fancy as it may sound. It is the love for humanity their selfless actions are showing.


The rise of coronavirus witnessed how the police have been serving in all extremities. Firstly, from the very beginning day of the all India lockdown the police have been working day and night. From feeding the hungry to donning Corona helmets as a lesson, their efforts are to be remembered. Taking actions on violators to shaking a leg to educate masses: their deeds have been remarkable all throughout. Not just cops of the Nation they are definitely also the Cops of Corona. Needless to say, a shout-out full of praise to the ‘Khaki’ heroes.


It is very obvious that with the closure of restaurants and dhabas there is nearly no scope of food for the street animals. In this time of crisis, social workers have come together in feeding the hungry animals. Consequently many common people came forward and have been showering love on the animals as well as the poor wholeheartedly.


To maintain social distancing and avoid crowds, the private sectors have been working from home. Schools and colleges have also started taking classes in online mode. Although there are few power plant employees who need to step outdoors daily. They traverse to ensure proper functioning of the plants. Similarly, the natural gas workers have also been rendering their continuous services.


The list includes workers in grocery stores and hospital canteens. There services have not stopped despite such adversities. Likewise the food delivery executives have been doing the same. Hence their incessant efforts are to appreciated.

Thanking note:

Let us thank these heroes for serving the nation. Although there maybe many unsung heroes who are not in the forefront, a big thank you to them for whatever they have been doing. The Nation, is only a nation for its citizens and when there is such selfless compassion, there is sure to be a brighter and happier tomorrow.

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