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  • Tanya Bhatia


A Candle under Lockdown

What is going inside the mind of people in this quarantine, let us see this though the autobiography of a candle.Continue Reading

ANIMALS in quarantine

Place a bowl of water and some leftover outside your houses.Those poor 4-legged beasts will get water anywhere they wander,no quench,no scarcity,no drinking from gutters,the...

Dead Smoker’s Mum

And when they don’t understand the consequences,it makes my heart ache When the life is so beautiful,why do they have to put themselves at stake?Continue...


COVID has brought everyone to their knees It has proven itself as a harsh and deadly disease.Continue Reading

Earth’s email during COVID-19

Will I ever be cured,will my people smile again, Will that happen ever Help me now,And I promise to protect you like a shield,forever.Continue Reading