My last and final book for April 2020 was “Red White and Royal Blue”. It is a relatively recent release and got launched in 2019. I had read a lot of positive reviews about this Casey McQuiston novel but I somehow ended up feeling disheartened. Not completely, but a part of me is a bit dissatisfied.

Genre: LGBTQ+

The good and the bad about McQuiston’s book on a gay romance:

  1. I loved the concept of bringing the Prince of Wales(a fictional character, not what Prince Charles used to be) and The First Son of America into a novel plot. The idea itself is brilliant.
  1. I admired the author’s constant efforts to portray these young celebrities as normal people; a normal life that they lead shrouded from the eyes of media and press. They are ordinary 21 and 23 year old blokes in their residences; no limelight, no tuxedos and no fake smiles.
  2. The storyline encompasses the love story of Alex and Henry who have been sworn enemies for a long time. I was delighted at the idea of romance but 25% of the book dedicates itself to the physical intimacy between the lovers. The novel rambled on too much about the passion , desires and urges the young blood of these men experience.
  3. A part in the novel mentions HRH Prince of Wales having an Instagram account. For the record, the royals are strictly prohibited from any of the social media platforms.
  4. Alex is in too much awe of Prince Henry’s chiselled physique. I get it that people are allowed to feel butterflies in their stomachs when in love, but being garrulous about the body features does not make it better and honestly the author has mentioned it for a 1000 times throughout the book. I feel I literally memorised Henry’s body dimensions.
  5. I might even call this book very cheesy in some parts, felt like I was reading a fairytale and got very unapproachable at times.

I shall recommend this novel for anyone who loves reading fairytale and billionaire romances. Those readers should definitely find it unputdownable. Also, this book might be a light-read recommendation but do not proceed with high expectations.

Happy reading and stay safe.

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  1. The review covered the whole story of the book
    Very well written 😃 keep it up

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